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thread counters Measurement Instruments for the Textile and Woven Wire Industries.

The Lunometer® is a precision optical instrument made from either vinyl or acrylic (often referred to as Plexiglas®). When laid across the sample material and oriented properly, the thread or wire count can be instantly determined within an accuracy of +/- 1%. The Lunometer measures both in inches and centimeters. All instruments are manufactured and tested in accordance with procedures traceable to major certifying agencies.

The most popular Lunometers come in the following ranges (Inch / Cm):

Type F  (25-60 / 10-23.5)
Type G  (38-86 / 15-34)
Type R  (50-120 / 19-47)

If finer ranges are needed, contact H. P. Luhn & Associates to discuss your requirements.


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